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Welcome to the Wapiti Ski Club Website.  This will be a main form of communication for Members of the club.  Feel free to read the documents and forms relating to the club.  If you are interested, feel free to contact Adrian, Janice, or any club member. 

This year we have made some changes to the structure of our club.  This is to allow more opportunities for the different skiers to continue skiing.



Nancy Greene/Snow Stars is a learn-to-ski/race program which runs from mid December to March. Your child should have used the chair lift at least once and skied downhill.


Skiing is every Saturday (unless extreme cold) from 11am to 3pm with a ½ hour for lunch.


There are 2 ski races every year at different ski hills in the province. It is not mandatory to attend.


Nancy Green Fees- $250 for 1st child in family and $150 for each child after (plus a $60 deposit for a team jacket is secured by post dated cheque.  This cheque is returned when the jacket is returned.) 

This fee does not include equipment or lift tickets.




 Wapiti Valley Alpine Race Team-Ages 10-20($375)



The WVART is a team which runs from mid December to March. This is a more intense ski program for skiers who would like to race at the provincial level on the Sask Cup circuit.  There are a minimum of 2 races in a season throughout the province and 1 in Manitoba.  These races focus on Slalom Racing and Giant Slalom races.


Skiing is every Sunday (unless extreme cold) from 10 am to 3pm with a ½ hour for lunch, and most Tuesday and Thursday nights in Prince Albert throughout the season.  There are also training opportunities throughout the year at different hills in and out of the province for these skiers.


WVART Fees- $375 per skier.  This fee is set because of the extra costs for the coach to attend races throughout the season and includes the extra training days.  With this group, it is expected the skiers have their own equipment as rental equipment does not hold up to the skiing strengths brought forth in this group.  Make sure to take to Adrian prior to purchasing new equipment.


Cheques made payable to WVNGSL.


A HELMET with solid ear-sides IS MANDATORY.


Any Questions, Please email Kara Annand by clicking here for more information.



Wapiti Valley Ski Hill